End of Summer Skin SOS


The Okanagan summer is winding down, and fall is arriving in just a few days. Summer is filled with long days in the sun, and perhaps a few too many cocktails enjoyed on the patio with friends. These summer activities are fantastic for our soul; however, they take their toll on our complexion. 


So what steps can we take to tip the scales back in our skins favour?




During the summer months, we often choose a lighter texture moisturizer because our skin does not always need as many lipids (oils) when the weather is warm. 


As the days shorten and the weather starts to cool, it's a critical time to increase the oil content of our skincare. To ensure the barrier of the skin is protected, look for products that contain a balance of ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol, such as Dermaviduals High Classic Plus.

These ingredients are destined to restore a healthy lipid balance and help hold in all that water I know you're drinking. When you implement the proper moisturizer, your skin will be nourished, calm and smooth.



The long days of sunshine, many refreshing, spirited beverages and late nights will amount to free radical damage and can accelerate the premature ageing of our skin. So what's our best strategy? Antioxidants that have a direct influence on your skin.  


Fill up on a variety of brightly coloured fruits and veggies, enjoy a lovely cup of green tea and include products in your routine like a custom-blended Dermaviduals Antioxidant Serum or Eminence Organics Citrus C and E serum. These powerhouse ingredients work wonders on neutralizing all those pesky free radicals and will help promote collagen production for healthy, plump and firm skin.


Regular Facials

During the summer, we often get busy, and out of our usual self-care routines. Despite our best efforts and our consistent use of SPF, we may notice more permanent freckles or even larger brown spots. As vacation mode winds down, it's a perfect time to resume regular facials. Seek out the help of a skin professional who will know how to restore your skin to optimal health and offer knowledgeable advice. 


During a facial, your Skin Therapist analyzes your skin to determine the best course of action. Your treatment will include a gentle exfoliation to smooth and brighten your skin and a series of professional masks to nourish and reveal that healthy glow again. 


Collagen Induction therapy

Once you are on regular homecare and a facial routine then and only then you can take skin correction beyond what products alone can provide.

Implementing more advanced corrective treatments such as Micro-Needling will provide more corrective results but It's best to perform this modality over the fall and winter months as the Okanagan sun is too intense for these treatments to be effective or safe.


Fall is a beautiful time of year and a lovely time to heal and restore your skin, its essential to that healthy glow. So I encourage you to embrace the comfort of routines and self-care.

 With smiles Meredith