Sculptural Face Lifting Technique

This world-renowned technique created by Yakov Gershkovich, promotes deep relaxation of the facial musculature, improves microcirculation, stimulates lymph and lifts and tones the appearance of the face.
It allows the recipient to release emotional blocks and improve overall wellbeing.

I am so excited to be one of the first practitioners in Kelowna to be certified in the Yakov Gershkovich Sculptural Face Lifting Technique and cannot be more excited for you to experience it.

Sculptural Face Lifting Treatment$190.00 (90min)

 My Sculptural Face Lifting treatment utilizes deep yet soft massage techniques as well as incorporating Buccal Massage which manipulates the muscles from inside the mouth this is a treatment like no other. During the 60-minute facial massage, I will work to lift, tone and smooth each muscle group. This treatment also increases microcirculation and stimulates the lymphatic system. The results are a more youthful appearance as well as an overall improvement in the health of the skin by stimulating the internal nourishment of the Keratinocyte in the basal layer of the epidermis.

This amazing treatment is finished off with a bespoke facial masque to further enhance your skin and a warm oil scalp massage; it is truly next-level relaxation.


Package of 6 Sculptural Face Lifting Treatments$969.00

As with any corrective treatments best results from these treatments are seen with a series of 6 to 10 weekly treatments.