dermaviduals® – A Customized Approach to Corneotherapy


The dermaviduals® Approach

dermaviduals® is world-renowned for manufacturing customized advanced skin care systems, using only pure, natural ingredients.  dermaviduals® products NEVER contain emulsifiers, parabens or other irritating and potentially toxic agents.


What is Corneotherapy?

The concept of corneotherapy is to protect the outermost layer of skin cells, the stratum corneum, which serves as a protective shield. The stratum corneum consists of tightly-packed dead skin cells that keep unwanted irritants and antigens out, while retaining the moisture inside. Aging and environmental factors can weaken this vital barrier, allowing viruses and bacteria to penetrate the skin and water to escape, leaving your skin dry, dull and lifeless.



dermavidualsĀ® Signature Facial $155.00 (75 mins)

This is our signature dermaviduals skin treatment that uses custom and therapeutic blends of creams, masks, packs and lotions to restore skin barrier function that happens from inappropriate skin care, environmental damage or the aging process as well as balancing lipids (natural occurring oils) to give you calm, plump, and hydrated healthy skin. 

Advanced dermavidualsĀ® Signature Facial $175.00 (90 mins)

All the custom and therapeutic benefits from our original signature facial plus an advanced enzyme exfoliating treatment and more time to focus and correct skin that just needs more - more hydrating, more nourishing, more calming. This treatment also includes a luxurious foot massage because well…you could probably do with more relaxation too. 

Illuminating Facial$195.00 (90 mins)

An advanced facial that truly is a saviour for your skin!

This 90 min treatment utilizes the best tools I have at my disposal; it will nourish, calm and plump your skin.  Each treatment is customized for your skin's unique and individual needs using the Dermaviduals line and includes a LED light treatment. After your skin is cleansed and exfoliated, you will receive a LED session to reduce inflammation and promote collagen production. I will follow that with a custom mix of a variety of powerhouse actives chosen especially for your skin's unique needs then a professional masque will be applied over top to infuse all that goodness into your skin.  AHHHHmazing! Don’t worry I will not forget the pampering as relaxation is a crucial part of the process, while all the lovely skin goodness is going on you will be treated to a hand, arm, neck, shoulder and foot massage