Advanced Skin Consultation$125.00 (receive a 75.00 product credit) (90min)

Over time, many skin conditions that begin to surface originate from deeper, invisible skin layers. So, to understand the causes of a variety of skin conditions from a cellular perspective, and to recommend the best course of action for brighter, more healthy looking skin, an Advanced Skin Analysis is highly recommended. 


During your Advanced Skin Analysis Consultation, you’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation of your skin using the Observ diagnostic camera and other skin technology to measure lipids, hydration, melanin density and erythema by a Pastiche trained Skin Therapist. We’ll also go over your current products for an ingredient deck analysis to ensure you’re not inadvertently doing more damage than good. You’ll be given a highly targeted, custom home care and clinic treatment plan to take home, so you know your exact next steps for revealing healthy, youthful skin.