Qi beauty™ is a system that delivers energy to cells for optimal skin performance, recovery and health. During a Qi beauty treatment, the skin is stimulated with gauss specific Qi dermal stimulators. Skin is stimulated with a  Static Magnetic Field, a non-invasive, needle-free and damage-free facial treatment.


During your treatment, I will use varying magnetic gradients to manipulate and direct sub-dermal fluids to where they need to be for the best results. Following a deeply cleansing Skin Analysis, Your face Matrix is Mapped using Qi beauty Techniques for facial reading and Qi assessment. A customized Static Magnetic Skin Matrix is applied and skin is nourished with Qi beauty Intense Oil featuring pure Sea Buckthorn and Australian Virgin Jojoba Oil. During Qi stimulation, you might feel tingling or tightening as dermal fluids rise upwards to decrease the depth and appearance of lines, brighten your complexion and enhance organic skin recovery. Starting with Yin-Tang you will benefit from the holistic powers of acupuncture points for deep relaxation for a treatment unlike anything else.

Qi Beauty Age Defying Treatment$165.00 (60mins)

This luxurious facial stimulates the skin to activate the
Natural Healing Response and the energy skin needs to
naturally promote volume in facial lines, improve skin
elasticity for defined facial features. This Qi beauty facial
provides the first step to continuous and sustainable age
control. Results are noticeable after just one treatment.

Qi Beauty Sensitive Skin Treatment$165.00 (60min)

Calming sensitive and reactive skin while creating
balance in the micro circulation and acid mantle is the
focus of this relaxing facial. Qi beauty intense oil, a
powerful anti-inflammatory soothes and nourishes skin
for deep repair.

Qi beauty Eye Lift $90.00 (40min)

Qi beauty Eye Lift
Bright beautiful eyes. The Qi beauty eye lift focuses the
static magnetic matrix on the delicate skin around the
eyes. Fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles are all
addressed during this deeply relaxing treatment

This is a lovely add on to any of my facial treatments!

Qi Beauty Lip Lift$90.00 (40min)

The Qi beauty signature lip lift treatment focuses the
Static Magnetic Matrix to restore volume to heavily lined
and qi depleted lips. This treatment aims to restore lip
line definition, and id ideal for menopausal skin qi

This is a lovely add on to any of my facials treatments!

Series of 4 Qi Beauty Treatments$600.00 (4 treatments over 4-8 weeks)

Like with any corrective facial treatments best results are seen with multiple consecutive appointments.

I will tailor your Qi Beauty package depending on the needs of your skin.