Working as a skin therapist over the last decade, I often come across clients who are having issues with their skin despite taking what they believe to be excellent care of it. They are on a routine: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and religiously using SPF. Despite their best efforts, they are still struggling to achieve the skin that is up to their expectations.Usually, this can be attributed to an inappropriate skincare regime, based on what they believe to be their skin type.An advanced skin analysis with a skin professional is the best way to understand your skin. I perform a thorough intake, measure lipid levels and use diagnostic equipment to establish without a shadow of a doubt, what your skin type is. When I get them on the correct base products, designed for their skin type, their skin becomes healthy and happy, and then we start to achieve results.

So how do you know what your skin type is?

There are only 3 types of skin:

High Risk / Permanent Diffused Redness skin is characterized by – you guessed it – redness. Skin will flush easily, and as this skin ages, it will develop visible capillaries around the nose and across the cheeks. This skin can be highly reactive and absolutely must be treated with care. Permanent Diffused Redness is the most common skin type. This type may have a subtype of lipid dry or oily. 

When choosing products for Permanent Diffused Red skin, opt for creamy cleansers, products without fragrance and avoid acids and harsh exfoliants. When selecting a moisturizer, determine whether your skin falls into the subcategory of balanced, lipid dry or oily and follow my recommendations below. 
Please remember – with this skin type – gentle is key.
If you don't resonate with the descriptions below, your natural lipid levels are balanced, so choose a moisturizer with a moderate amount of oil. 

Lipid Dry skin presents itself with an uneven texture and has a matte appearance and can often feel tight. When exposed to artificial climates, it will usually become hot, burning or itchy. When choosing products for Lipid Dry skin, opt for creamy cleansers, a very gentle exfoliant, products without fragrance and a moisturizer that has a higher level of lipids (oil).

Oily skin presents as very slick to the touch. It will be very shiny through the t zone and will have obvious pores (it has a texture like an orange peel). Please note oily skin is the least common of the skin types, yet a lot of people believe that’s what they have. When choosing products, opt for a gel cleanser that doesn’t foam and think about reducing oil but not entirely removing all of it, as this will cause the skin to generate more oil. Choose products without fragrance, a gentle exfoliant and a moisturizer with a low lipid content.
The cosmetic aisle can be a very confusing place to navigate, and I hope this article helps you get on the right track. Having the proper skincare routine with the appropriate products is the first step in achieving the beautiful, healthy skin you deserve. 
With smiles,