The secret to achieving healthy, glowing skin, is a good daily skincare routine. It is absolutely essential.

The beauty industry can be a very confusing place with every face-filtered influencer and product manufacturer suggesting that you add more and more steps to your skincare regimen. It can be bewildering deciding what products to include in an effective homecare routine and knowing when enough is enough.

Most people assume that as a skincare therapist, I implement a multitude of steps in my daily routine. That is definitely not the case. I take a minimalistic approach that has been designed with intention and customized to my own unique needs and skincare goals. That is not to say that there may be a time when a more extensive routine is required, but generally, a simplistic approach will suffice. If the thought of an extensive routine is keeping you from venturing into the wonderful world of skincare, consider starting with a minimalistic approach that will indeed keep your skin healthy and glowing.

What products make up a solid minimalistic routine? The essential components are a product that cleanses, one that moisturizes, and one that protects. Consider starting your day with a light cleanse using only a milk cleanser and lukewarm water with a reusable cleansing cloth. Follow this with a seasonally appropriate SPF day cream. If you want to reduce the effects of oxidative stress on the skin while keeping it simple, apply a customized antioxidant serum before applying the SPF day cream. These 3 steps will ensure your skin is protected and ready to take on the day but are simple and easy to implement.


In the evening, a simplified routine will focus on restoring and repairing the skin. It includes a more purposeful cleanse. I recommend double cleansing to thoroughly remove makeup and other pollutants a long day can introduce. A basic milk or non-foaming gel cleanser that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils is what we want to use. Following your cleanse, you can use a serum with actives to address your principle skin concerns. Or simpler still, a customized night cream that has the appropriate actives blended into it. The night cream should be richer than the day cream, as in one that supports and repairs the skin barrier function. Look for a cream that has a blend of cholesterol, ceramides, and triglycerides. Your skin will thank you for it!


With these simple yet intentional steps, you will be on your way to healthy, glowing skin without all the confusion of the 10-step routine.

With smiles,